In fact,there is a color of more than 100 kinds in addition to them,and also


In fact,there is a color of more than 100 kinds in addition to them,and also

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Taken together to Me Beautiful style,there reputation that it looks more elegant.2,Big OvalMode realism big oval type of impression.Among those narrow frame and pale tint of the lens,it is a surge of popularity.Because of the rounded design,even in gill-covered face and angular face,you can expect the effect to show to gently feminine impression.Of course,perfect for egg-shaped face and a round face.Select the type that hides increasing the area of ??the face,you can try to up the small face level.Combined with casual clothes,of international celebrities and overseas bloggers style,it will Corde trend feeling full.3,square typePopular Square type variation is increasing.
Venta al por mayor barata Adidas Because of the linear frame,tightening the features sharp,you can expect the effect to show a stylish impression.Frame Big frame type from the type close to the rectangle,to those of the type pointed corner,various designs have emerged.Widely from metal type to plastic type also material,and I knew I would suffer to choose.For the face of the parts can be expected much to collectively effect of micelles in the middle,narrowing the width of the face,a round face mature,it is an excellent design ......and the face of troubles can also be solved in small face to face length.4,teardropPopular teardrop from the men.Originally Toka's a thing that pilot has made in order to protect your eyes from sunlight.I think it was made for the first time a teardrop "Ray-Ban" is famous in the brand.Rounded corners,rim part,

Best Wholesale Caps Monster Energy And Foxsuch as the teardrop,is characterized in that it has become the design of the skirt spread.At first glance it looks difficult to design out a hand,but so show me reduce the area of ??the cheek,especially recommended for people of face length face.Applying reverse the gills lined face and angular person's face,because the cheek and chin from being emphasized,it can be said that the design to choose the people who wear be.Beginners and those casual down was made of plastic frame,choose those of slender frame.While this summer was aware of the sense of trends,Why not try enjoying sunglasses design that suits your face type.
Cheap Wholesale Nike Jordan Retro Speaking of color lens,I think,such as dark brown or black,who envisioned the use as sunglasses often.In fact,there is a color of more than 100 kinds in addition to them,and also include the combination of shading and gradients,we are able to choose even from a number of color.the impression that color has on the others big,by glasses of lens color,you should see your impression changed much.Here,taking advantage of the color features of,we will explain how to take advantage of the color lens as fashion.◎ for the color of compatibilityThose arranged in a circular ring orderly hue is called a hue ring.Adjacent to each other in the color wheel,a combination such as "red and orange," "yellow and yellow-green," "blue and blue-violet" refers to the similar colors,it is a good chemistry.
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