In the following section,SunglassesSunglassesAdjusting the light to introduce


In the following section,SunglassesSunglassesAdjusting the light to introduce

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5 brand many well-known,such as Nike,Timberland,Gucci and Kenneth Cole,brands such as,as part of the sunglasses product line.Not only many sunglasses manufacturers,the special texture of the propaganda of characteristics and a significant increase in the product.It will be lower than the floating between $ 20 to several hundred US dollars,depending on the price of the features and brand of sunglasses.In addition,the market there is a forgery.Discount stores and flea markets cane ??

Michael Kors Clearancemappings at a time,to you,to sell counterfeit expensive brand of counterfeit sunglasses,but you can find a skilled in the art that look identical in appearance,and the price is much lower than the real thing .You choose the fake instead if you buy them really brand of sunglasses,do you spend your own brand a lot of money to or to buy the real nature of the difference?The biggest problem is the production method of inexpensive sunglasses lens.They are simply coated,

oakley canada a layer of color film to normal plastic.Frame similar to these counterfeit color and Oakley X- metal Romeos or Ray Ban Predator is,actual lenses are very different.Even if,Principle 7 Quality sunglasses,"light modulator." It's very effective sunglasses as it is suitable to the human eye,you can adjust the external light.In the following section,SunglassesSunglassesAdjusting the light to introduce the different techniques used by the sunglasses manufacturers.In order to better understand these technologies,first,you need to understand something about light.Constant wave electromagnetic energy of the bundle.The size of the wave is measured at a wavelength.400? 700 the visible wavelength range of nanometers.Inversely proportional to the energy light waves and wavelength,short wavelength,high energy.
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The visible light,the maximum value of the purple energy,minimum energy red light,and the visible light spectrum is ultraviolet light.In fact,it contains a lot of natural light in the ultraviolet.Ultraviolet light of high energy,and due to the ultraviolet energy of your cornea and retina damage.What is glare?Unit of measurement of the intensity of the brightness and light is the lumens.For example,in the room,most of the artificial light intensity is from 400? 600 lumens.Sunny outdoors,if you want to float in the brightness wide range,thousand lumen shade of brightness,high-speed roads and other specific areas,there is a large area,such as the brightness of 6,000 lumens.Brightness following of 3500 lumens,we feel very comfortable to the human eye.
Yeezy Boost 350 For Sale When the brightness of direct or reflected light from reaching the 4000 lumens,the human eye will receive light became difficult.We are the white flash that only glare,in order to see,it tries to efforts to refer to these very bright area.Much of the light entering the eye is decreased because,in order to cause discomfort,we narrowed started.
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When the brightness reaches 10,000 lumens,light of reason is too your eyes strongly,it will start a completely filter the light.This is such a strong light exposure to bring temporary or permanent blindness too long,can cause damage.On sunny days,large-scale snow,we stare into the light in the absence of any protective measures that lead to the light,it can be up to 12,000 lumens of brightness,reflection "snow blindness."You can perceive the light visible to the human eye.We,we often referred to as white light,in other words,please see the visible light emitted from the sun appears to be colorless.In fact,it is a combination of optical frequency mixing that has been colored.All of mixed color of light ?? flux in the visible spectral range,namely,white,is colorless.(For more information,please refer to the principle of light) ??.
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