This is a plastic folding stand that you can carry around your wallet


This is a plastic folding stand that you can carry around your wallet

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These cases can be purchased on theirTALON HARD SHELL IPHONE 4 CASEWant to take a piece of beautiful painting wherever you go? Talon Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4 is right for you! Each case features a wonderful canvas on the back for a more captivating look.Talon Hard Shell iPhone 4 CaseThis two-piece hard case from Talon snaps easily together for a quick installation. It mainly covers the edges and the back su***ce of your phone protecting it from damaging factors like scrapes, dents or scratches. It fits your iPhone 4 pretty well and looks relatively polished. It is also slim and does not add too much bulk on your iPhone 4.
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You can also easily access the ports and buttons of your iPhone 4 such as the dock connector, volume buttons, screen lock, on and off button and your headphone jack. Since the cutouts are exact, you can maximize the use of all your iPhone 4's functions.Talon Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4 is available in 3 beautiful designs – Contempo Tree, Midnight Tree and Starry Night. It retails for only $14.95 and can be purchased here or if you want it in pink, you can get it on for only $9.99.CAZE ZERO 5 ULTRATHIN IPHONE 4 CASEThe thinnest iPhone 4 case is now out in the market. CAZE, known makers of premium and luxurious cases, has made available the world's slimmest iPhone 4 case which is Zero 5 UltraThin Case, following the immense success of Zero 5 for the iPhone 3/3GS.

snapback meaningCAZE Zero 5 UltraThin iPhone 4 CaseCAZE Zero 5 Ultra Thin iPhone 4 Case is a super slim, transparent case that boasts a .5mm thickness that is barely noticeable when put on. It is also very lightweight and obviously adds no bulk at all. This almost unnoticeable case keeps the original sleek form of your iPhone 4 and protects it from destructive factors such as dirt, scratches and scrapes that can harm your most precious gadget.This transparent case is made from high-quality and durable materials and primarily covers the back su***ce and the edges of your iPhone 4. The ports and controls can also be easily accessed since the cutouts are exact. This case also promises to resolve the reception issue of some iPhone 4 users.The package also comes with loads of freebies – a Front Anti-FingerPrint Screen Protector, a Back Glass Protector, a MicrofIber Cleaning Cloth and a Wallet size iPhone stand. This is a plastic folding stand that you can carry around your wallet which is an easy answer to your viewing needs. You no longer have to hold your iPhone 4 in your hands while watching.CAZE Zero 5 UltraThin iPhone 4 Case is available in Clear and Gray colors. It also retails for an affordable price of $19.90 and can now be pre-ordered on their official website. Shipping starts on August 6th.J***OEDGE JELLY IPHONE 4 CASEThere is now a jelly case that preserves the original sleek appearance of your iPhone 4. J***Oedge, an online company which produces gadget and mobile accessories, has come up with its Jelly iPhone 4 Case.

michael kors handbags nordstromJ***Oedge Jelly iPhone 4 CaseTheir new case is a minimalist type that is transparent and made from strong thermoplastic materials. It has a diamond pattern at the back of the case that adds a more elegant touch. J***Oedge Jelly Case is also very slim, lightweight and does not add too much bulk on your iPhone 4. It actually covers the back and edges of your phone and protects these critical areas from possible scratches, scrapes and even from minor bumps.The installation process is also very simple and easy. It snaps quickly on your iPhone 4 and it fits nicely as well. This Jelly Case from J***Oedge also offers easy access to your iPhone 4's main functions. The cutouts of the phone's ports and controls are precise *** it easier for you to get into them.J***Oedge Jelly iPhone 4 Case is available in clear White or Black. It retails for only $11.95 and can be purchased on their official website or on for the same price.

oakley sunglasses dealsGRIFFIN MOTIF IPHONE 4 CASEGriffin reveals a new case on their Apple iPhone 4 line with Motif.griffin motif iphone 4 case 4It is a transparent TPU case that is very catchy along with a sleek smooth material truly makes this case an untimely choice to everyone who wants to showcase the Apple logo at the back of the device. Griffin Motif iPhone 4 Case has complete full access and clear cut holes to all the main controls and buttons such as the dock connector, volume buttons, earphone jack, microphone, sleep/wake button, camera flash and the camera itself.Picture perfect fit for your Apple iPhone 4, this case is flexible enough and adequately tough to withstand certain damages with the likes of the scratch, dust, dirt, scrapes, light impact hits plus the daily wear and tear. You got to love this fresh offering from Griffin, the Motif for Apple iPhone 4 retails for just only $19.99! It is very affordable yet sophisticated. You can buy Griffin Motif iPhone 4 Case directly at their official website and for that inexpensive price, there is no way you will go home frowning! You can also purchase it on for $19.95.BOXY IPHONE 4 CASE:EXOVAULT EXO4Desiring to own a distinctively unique iPhone 4 case that sets you apart from the rest? With the success of their previous out-of-the-ordinary cases, EXOvault has announced their new line of special cases for the iPhone 4.exovault exo4 iphone 4 case 4The EXO4 is a boxy type of case that is made from aluminum or brass materials. It is lightweight and very durable.

newbalance shoesThe quality is also exceptional and it is apparent to note that it has been beautifully-crafted to fit perfectly well on your iPhone 4.The design is truly unique especially around the edges. It actually seems that the inspiration of this case was taken from the movie Transformers because of its boxlike shape and patterned edges. It can also be engraved with a beautiful design on the back for a more special look.The case is also hinged with magnetic clasps that would allow easy access for you to be able to quickly put or remove your iPhone 4. Though the material used is hard, it won't cause any scratches or scrapes on your iPhone 4 while inside.EXOvault Case for iPhone 4 is available in aluminum which you could choose between plain Silver and Black colors for $ 120 each. However, for only $160, you can already have the aluminum case with the color of your choice including an engraved design on the back. Another great choice is in brass which is available only in plain Bronze color for $135. But the brass case with an engraved design retails for $175. These rare cases can be purchased on their official website.PAD & QUILL THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK IPHONE 4 CASECover your iPhone 4 with a book – literally.Pad & Quill, a family company based in Minneapolis, has crafted a unique iPhone 4 case specifically for your new gadget.
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