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It is a wonderful innovation of having your wallet and phone in one case.READY, SET, GO WITH CASE-MATE VROOM IPHONE 4 CASEHaving unique tire thread design made of silicone, one will not look past the new Case-Mate Vroom iPhone 4 Case. Specifically designed to protect your iPhone and to absorb shock of any kind, this case will certainly do its job.case-mate vroom iphone 4 case - black, siliconeCase-Mate Vroom iPhone 4 Case offers great protection on the sides and back of your iPhone. It also comes with screen protection kit for added safety in front of your phone.You will have no problem accessing all the ports and buttons of your iPhone 4 when you use this case. The buttons are quite soft to touch and the cut-outs for the camera and headset are extremely nice.Since it is made of silicone, it adds better grip and enhances your style at the same time.
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Vroom Case is very durable and will be able to endure the daily wear and tear.Just like any of the silicone cases, the only downside of Case-Mate Vroom iPhone 4 Case is that it accumulates dust and small particles which are quite difficult to brush off since they tend to get stuck in between the tire thread design.Other than that, Case-Mate Vroom iPhone 4 Case is a great deal. For only $14.99, you will surely get more than your money's worth. You can buy it directly on their official website.HARD CANDY BUBBLE SLIDER IPHONE 4 CASESHard Candy yet again delivers a top notch case for the Apple iPhone 4 owners with their new offering, the Hard Candy Bubble Slider. It has two collections to choose from, the Chrome Collection and the Soft Touch Collection.hard candy bubble slide iphone 4 case - soft touch collection,
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chrome collectionhard candy bubble slide iphone 4 case - chrome collection, soft touch collectionChrome Collection is a shining, shimmering metallic tough case while the Soft Touch Collection has a smooth rubber structure, if you are not a fan of the chromium-plated design. Both collections offer the same protection and quality – the only difference is the design.Hard Candy Bubble Slider is easy to install on the Apple iPhone 4, just slide down the top part first and then slide up the bottom part and you are good to go.This iPhone 4 case has clear cut access to all the main buttons and ports such as the sleep/wake button, earphone jack, volume controls, mute button, microphone, speaker and the dock connector.
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It provides overall protection against dirt, dust, scratches, bumps, dings, drops and other light impact damages with a bubble design all over the case that lets you grip the iPhone 4 pretty well and avoid accidental slips.The Chrome Collection is being offered in three colors – Black, Gold and Chrome while the Soft Touch collection is available in five selections of colors – Red, Pink, Blue, Black and White (#( solid )#). This one is currently out of stock due to the high demand of the consumers; it will be available in a week or two. It retails for $34.95, you can buy Hard Candy Bubble Slider iPhone 4 cases at their official website or on Iphonecase.topfashion.co for the same price but a waiting time of 2-4 weeks.FLY WITH INCIPIO FEATHER IPHONE 4 CASEThe renowned Incipio Feather Case, one of the most popular cases for the third generation iPhone, makes its giant leap to the all new Apple iPhone 4.
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