but they are not made from the usual


but they are not made from the usual

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TRTL BOT The Minimalist iPhone 4 CaseTRTL BOT offers the Minimalist 4 case for your iPhone 4 which has more elements than other environment-friendly cases. Aside from it being made from recyclable plastic materials, it also features a slot that can hold up to 3 credit cards or IDs. You will never again leave home without the essentials.This minimalist case covers the back and edges of your iPhone 4, protecting it from all possible damages like scratches, scrapes and other minor dents. The slot for your credit cards is not too bulky so it would still leave your iPhone 4 looking slim and sleek.
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Access to your iPhone 4's functions is also made easy. The ports and controls such as the volume buttons, screen lock and the on/off button are exposed for you to easily get into them and maximize their uses.IPHONE 4 CASES MADE OF PLANTS:BIOSERIEA new innovation of iPhone 4 cases has emerged in the market today. The Bioserie cases look slim and sleek but they are not made from the usual silicone, rubber or metal. Rather, they are all 100% made of plants.Bioserie iPhone 4 CaseThese environment-friendly cases were produced with a special kind of bioplastic material mix that is less harmful to the environment. Each case is guaranteed to be strong and durable. They are easy to install, very thin and extremely lightweight.Bioserie cases allow you to maximize the use of your iPhone 4's functions. Access to your ports and controls are relatively easy since the cutouts of the Bioserie cases are precise.Bioserie iPhone 4 case comes in six different colors – Black, White, Red, Orange, Lush Green and Forest Green.
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They retail for $34.95 each. But you can get 30% off when you buy 3 or more Bioserie cases. USB FEVER DUAL SIM CARD TRANSPARENT IPHONE 4 CASEUSB Fever is getting hot in the past week with its new innovative iPhone 4 case – Dual SIM Card Transparent case.USB Fever Dual SIM iPhone 4 Case 3For those who frequently travel, it is very inconvenient to change SIM from time to time. Hence, USB Fever has just released its Dual SIM Phone 4 case. It features a transparent case which can hold two (2) SIM cards. It allows you to avoid cutting your SIM card for it to work with your iPhone 4.You can install the Dual SIM card case via the STK Menu. Set it up on your iPhone by following these instructions:Go to Home => then Settings => next Phone => and finally SIM Applications:choose which SIM card you would like to use. Please note, however, that once you have selected another SIM card, a message will appear “No SIM Card installed”, just wait for a couple of minutes for the phone to search.Just a reminder, this case does not support DUAL STANDY Mode but you can switch SIM between (#( 2 )#) SIM cards. They do not offer complete guarantee that it will be compatible with your desired network.
michael kors handbags outlet store locations This Crystal Case protects the dual SIM card as well as your new iPhone 4. It is compatible in iPhone 4 Firmwares 4.0.0, 4.0.1 and 4.0.2. You can buy it on USB Fever's official website for $28.99. It ships within 5-7 days and they ship worldwide for only $3.99 per order.GRIFFIN TECHNOLOGY IPHONE 4 CASESAre you constantly anxious about your iPhone 4's safety? Don't be troubled any longer. Griffin knows your worries and actually offers a variety of wonderful cases for your iPhone 4.FlexiGripGriffin FlexGrip iPhone 4 CaseTheir FlexGrip is a form-fitting case that covers and protects your iPhone 4's edges and back su***ce against scrapes, scratches, and dents. It is made from tough and durable TPU materials which make it smooth to touch. It comes in Clear and Black and will be soon available in Pink and Blue colors. FlexGrip retails for $19.99 each on their official site.Reveal EtchGriffin Reveal Etch iPhone 4 CaseThe Reveal Etch has a combination of hard shell case and that of a silicone case. It also features a carbon-fiber-style finish that looks really nice.


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